DRAGON HUNTER Side Trail Series Imperial IPA Building on some of the hops we love but adding new ingredients & methods to create something entirely new. That was what we were hunting for with this release. Following the hop profile of our tried-and-true Dragonfly IPA as the backdrop, we added a hop never used by Upland before: Azacca. A mild grain bill showcases caramel notes & lets the hop characteristics shine. Pouring golden orange with no haze, aromas & flavors of classic pine & citrus are complemented by fruity notes of apple, pear, &
mango. A deceivingly light body for 8% abv finishing dry & crisp. Serve it alongside a pulled pork sandwich & watermelon salad.

ABV: 8.0 YEAST: American Ale MALT: Pale, Distiller's Malt, Corn, Caramel 10L HOPS: Azacca, Cascade, Simcoe


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