MOSAIC WATERFALL Side Trail Series Hazy Imperial IPA Mosaic Waterfall has the highest ABV of any of our Side Trail Series beers to date at 9%. we’ve decided to simplify the hop profile to feature only a single variety: Mosaic. Named for its complex spectrum of flavors & aromas, ranging from blueberry & stone fruit to mango, citrus, floral, & pine make it just as interesting as any blend of hop varieties we could come up with. Two dry hop additions pack in a gratuitous amount of rich tropical flavor. A healthy proportion of oats & wheat along with a fruity English ale yeast help to ensure a full body & a succulently sweet finish.

ABV: 9.0 YEAST: Wyeast London Ale 3 MALT: Pale, pilsner, wheat , oats HOPS: Mosaic




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