For 15 years we’ve produced quality beer by challenging and refining our craft, not by appeasing trends. Discerning taste, rolled up sleeves and upholding our uniquely progressive ideals will ensure drinkers can appreciate Upland for years to come.

We believe in making traditionally crafted beer. Beer that doesn’t chase trends, but doesn’t purposefully ignore them, either. Beer that reflects our values, vision and ideals in every bottle.

Upland Brewing

So What’s the Other Midwest?

The Other Midwest is a place that represents the mindset that Bloomington and Upland drinkers share. It’s everything that’s great about the Midwest—the friendliness, the welcoming spirit—but with a wavelength all its own. 

It supports local food, artists and musicians. It prizes sustainability and the great outdoors. It’s progressive, it’s unique, it’s proud to be Midwestern—and equally proud to be anything but “flyover country.” 

The Other Midwest isn’t just Bloomington; instead, think of Bloomington and Upland as its capitals. The Other Midwest can be anywhere Upland is enjoyed. 

The Other Midwest is: Friendly and inclusive, but not saccharine. Well-spoken without being slick. Eclectic in its interests. Smart without sounding like it’s trying to impress anyone. Funny without seeming desperate for a laugh. Not afraid to be a little off-center. 

Put yet another way, the Other Midwest is laid-back, confident and at ease with itself. It knows it’s got a good thing going, and just wants to bring other folks along for the ride.

Our Beer

We’ve produced quality beers over the years by challenging and refining our craft, not by appeasing trends. Discerning taste, rolled up sleeves, and upholding our uniquely progressive ideals ensures our drinkers will appreciate Upland beers as much as we do. Many of our brews are unique twists on traditional recipes, while others are creations of our own imaginations. In 2006, we traded a few cases of beer for barrels from our friends at Oliver Winery, and we haven’t stopped innovating with sour beers yet.

Pig & Fig

Our Food

Our brewpub fare brings the best that the land has to offer, crafted and served by the people who are downright close to the salt of the earth. Chef-created, seasonal menus filled with locally sourced ingredients and just-from-scratch recipes reflect the same artisan approach we bring to our beers.

Our Locations

At our brewpubs and tasting rooms in Bloomington, Columbus, Carmel and Indianapolis, flavor, discourse, debate, laughter, and conversation flow as freely as our beer. From maintaining the architectural integrity of the Pump House to local woodworking in the Wood Shop, the architecture of our spaces is thoughtful and intentional.

Upland Brewing

Our Community

We believe in treating each other like family, so we treat our customers like family. We’re committed to making our beer, community, environment, and Upland community better. We take care of the land because it takes care of us, adhering to sustainable practices from energy and water efficiencies to strict recycling practices.

Live, Brew and Share

Our ideals by putting them in the minds, hands
and coolers of craft drinkers. We’ve been lucky enough to drink a beer with a lot of great people over the past 20+ years. From discovering sours within our Wood Shop Sour Brewery to enjoying beers with the Bad Elmer’s Mug Club, we’d like to invite you to join us.