Wheat Ale

Upland Wheat Ale Year Round – Belgian Witbier Upland Wheat Ale is a classic rendition of the Belgian Witbier (white beer) style. We brew it with organic coriander and orange zest to be light on the tongue and refreshingly tart. In the tradition of the Belgian Wit style, Upland Wheat Ale is unfiltered, allowing suspended […]

Champagne Velvet

Champagne Velvet Year Round – PILSENER In 1902, Walter Bruhn, the son of German immigrants, created a recipe for a new pilsener beer named Champagne Velvet. Over the next 50 years it grew to become one of Indiana’s most popular beers, a go-to for many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. It was “The Beer with […]


Dragonfly IPA Year Round – IPA India Pale Ale originated when the British added excessive amounts of hops to help preserve their ales for long journeys to their citizens overseas, including to India. Our Dragonfly India Pale Ale is true to this tradition, featuring seven hop additions to create a powerful hop profile. A solid […]

Hoosier Gameday Lager

Hoosier Gameday Lager Seasonal – GAMEDAY LAGER Hoosier Gameday Lager was created as the first ever Indiana University Athletics branded beer. It’s a collaboration between Upland and thousands of beer-loving IU sports fans. Over the course of several weeks, we sent out surveys via social media to be answered by any of our followers over […]

Bad Elmer’s Porter

Bad Elmer’s Porter Year Round – PORTER Even if you aren’t as tough as Bad Elmer, you can still drink with him. This porter is a medium-bodied beer, brewed with lots of roasted malt, giving it flavors of coffee, liquorice, and chocolate. It’s rich, creamy, and characteristically dark yet extremely smooth. The initial light sweetness […]


Campside Year Round – PALE ALE Campside has developed a loyal following with its showcase of the most interesting and effervescent American hops. Beginning in 2018, Campside will transition from a Session IPA to an American Pale Ale and will be available year round. All of the fragrant citrus and tropical character of late additions […]