We’re ready to turn November into Movember! Like the busy squirrels right now, you’ll want to stop in and gather pints of our Nut Hugger Brown Ale over the next few weeks to help us raise money for men’s health research.


Each Thursday in November, Upland locations have a goal of pouring 250 pints of Nut Hugger for an overall goal of 1,000 pints for Movember. $0.50 of each pint will go toward Movember and you can double the donation by sharing a picture of yourself hugging your Nut Hugger and use the hashtag #HugYourNut. The last Thursday of the month is Thanksgiving so come in the Friday after for a cold one and a break from the turkey leftovers you’ll eat for the next week.


We also have an Upland Movember team raising money that you can donate to directly if you’re out of state. In addition to enjoying a Nut Hugger on Thursdays, please consider giving some mo’ money for Movember.


More about Nut Hugger:
This beer has a pleasant bitterness you expect from a brown ale, tempered with a full, chewy caramel malt backbone. However, things get interesting with a taste of toasted biscuit and chocolatey aroma that creates a slight sweetness in the finish.

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