Btown Craft Beer Fest is back this Saturday! For you beer fest planners… here is our tapping schedule for the day.


*6 SOURS POPPED EVERY TIME SLOT. When you here the cow bell – better hustle.


1:00-2:30 (early bird sampling)
Tap 1: 2016 Bloomington Collab – Maibock
Tap 2: Ard Ri
Tap 3: REVved UP Coffee Blonde
Tap 4: REVved UP Coffee Brown


2:30-3:30 (general admission enters at 2:00)
Tap 1: 2015 Barrel Chested Barleywine
Tap 2: Coastbuster Imperial IPA
Tap 3: Champagne Velvet
Tap 4: Dragonfly IPA


Tap 1: Oak Aged Teddy Bear Kisses
Tap 2: Dank Buster Imperial IPA
Tap 3: Wheat
Tap 4: 2016 Bloomington Collab – Maibock


Tap 1: 2016 Stoaked Oak Aged Belgian Quad
Tap 2: Campside
Tap 3: 2016 Ard Ri


*Watch out for one of the Bloomington brewers sporting a keg backpack again this year with the Btown Collaboration Maibock.


Come to the West Side Beer Bar for our firkin tapping of the Btown Maibock Collaboration dry hopped with experimental Hop #07270. The hop is not commercially available yet, but features tangerine aromas and peach/apricot flavors.

If you don’t have your tickets already click here.

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