Last week a couple of brew crew members ventured to the Pacific Northwest to attend Hop & Brew School. Jealous? We were too. Here’s what brewer Matt Wisely had to say about their hoppy adventure…




Brewer Matt Wisely: “What made most of an impression on me was the chance to see things from the perspective of the hop growers and suppliers. We now have a new insight into what we as brewers can do to help the industry overall. For example, using less of certain older hop varieties that have a much lower yield in terms of pounds per acre can open up more acreage for new and interesting varieties that have been selected for higher yield and more intense aromatic qualities. This means more and better hops for everyone as well as lower prices, which can inevitably trickle down to the consumer.




We also gained some insights on how to be smarter and more proactive in contracting hops for the future. In the months and years to come, this means our customers can expect to see a significant increase in our use of some of the more sought after hops that are simply richer in flavor and aroma on top of being just plain yummy.

And, of course, we had an awesome time hanging out with and learning from brewers from all over the country. I can’t imagine an industry that could be more friendly or accepting. Nor could I think of any other industry that would serve beer for breakfast at a workshop.”





To top off the trip they had a chance to do some hiking at Mt. Rainier and explore Pike Place Market and pay a visit to The Pike Brewing Co.


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