We have a kick ass staff at Upland made up of beer loving people from all over. Our diverse group of brewers, chefs, packaging crew, servers, and more bring you the craft beer and food you love every day. Here’s your chance to go behind the scenes and get to know the folks in the Upland family. First up in the series is our hard working packaging crew!


This week meet Bre. The baddest lady on the line.


Where are you from? Bloomington native


How long have you been with Upland? 1 year this month!


Favorite beer? All 3 of our IPA’s, Dragonfly, Campside, and Coastbuster, are amazing. If I have to pick one, Coastbuster for sure. I’m always down to drink one of the Side Trail Series beers too.


Pizza or burger? Pizza forever!


Favorite tunes for the bottling line? It has to be LOUD but not angry. Anything dancey rules.


If you could have a beer with anyone (alive or dead), who would it be? So many historic female artists come to mind but Frida Kahlo would be my #1.

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  1. First of all I LOVE ur products, etc etc but just a friendly reminder that Columbus isn’t Bloomington. Although still a receptive crowd it is completely different. Just keep that in mind moving forward.

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