Drop The Needle On The Record  

Record Store Day, held every April, is a way of celebrating our local community. Beginning in 2013, Upland decided to embrace this concept by introducing a new seasonal beer inspired by local musicians to help support our local record store owners. This beer also comes with a dose of good Karma, because 10% of all profits from Vinyl Tap will go toward Girls Rock! Indianapolis. This non-profit organization is dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.




Vinyl Tap is a classically composed American Pale Ale, with Pale and Munich malts providing the bass with notes of biscuit, honey, and spicy rye malt filling in the harmony. Topped off with the lyrical melody of citrus and pine from a blend of four American hop varieties, Vinyl Tap is music to your mouth.



Beer Description:
This unique brew is built on the foundation of a classic American Pale ale. Pale and Munich malts are complimented with the subtle complexity of biscuit and honey flavors along with the delicate spice of malted rye. Aromatic additions of citrus and pine are layered throughout from a blend of four American hop varieties.

ABV: 5.5%   IBU: 45


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