Our newest specialty brew, Petal to the Kettle, arrives just in time for summer. Originally part of our 2016 experimental, draught-only Side Trail Series, Petal to the Kettle is a kettle-soured ale with rose, hibiscus, and strawberry that quickly became a warm weather fan favorite. Petal to the Kettle will now be available in 6-packs and on draught at the beginning of June.


“Petal to the Kettle is one of a few beers that we brew that employs the process of kettle souring. In this method, we use a quick overnight lactic fermentation to create a clean, mild acidity, which adds a refreshing quality to the beer,” said Brewer Matt Wisely.


While our wood-aged sour ales are often aged for months, even years, Petal to the Kettle is fermented right in the kettle. Dried hibiscus and rose petals are added to the boil process for botanical notes that complement the tart, citrusy character of the lactic fermentation. An addition of strawberry puree comes at the end of the fermentation to add depth to an already fruit-forward profile.


About the beer:
Petal to the Kettle pours a pinkish color, reminiscent of the inside of a ripe grapefruit. Aromas of strawberries and lemons are followed by tart, fruity flavors that finish with a subtle floral fragrance. This refreshing beer brings tart at full speed to remind those enjoying it that summer moves quickly.

ABV: 6%
IBU: 5

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