Cooler weather is here; bring on the layers.

Just as we’ll pile on the layers throughout the winter, we’re ready to explore the rich layers and hearty characteristics of maltier styles. Dubbel Up, like other Belgian Dubbels, is a great example with its complex yeast characteristics, rich maltiness, and unique wine like dark fruit character. This is a traditional example of a Belgian Dubbel that stays true to the ingredients and flavor of the rich malty creations that Trappists Belgian breweries have been crafting for centuries.

Be on the lookout for Dubbel Up at the Upland Bloomington Brewpub on Friday, November 22; Upland Carmel Tap House on Saturday, November 23 and the Upland Broad Ripple Tasting Room on Tuesday, November 26.


Beer Description: This is a strikingly beautiful beer with a deep copper hue and bold ruby highlights and a unique wine like dark fruit character that can only come from dark Belgian candi syrup. The aroma is alive with fruity esters, sweet malt, grape, and cherry. A pruny, figgy, flavor with moderate dark caramel notes hints at fruity sweetness followed by a clean dry finish.

ABV: 6.5     IBU: 20


He’s back and badder than ever. 

A favorite among our brewers and fans alike, Badder Elmer’s will return this December and is a lawless force to be reckoned with.

Don’t be a hero; drink with caution. Badder Elmer don’t mess around.

Look for Badder Elmer’s Baltic Porter on tap at Upland retail locations December 5!

Beer Description:

Dark brown in color, this Baltic Porter features dark fruit notes and hints of chocolate and licorice. Full bodied with a warming alcohol character, this beer features a complex malt profile with a distinctly smooth lager finish.

ABV: 7.2%   IBU: 21




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