Who doesn’t love a west coast style IPA? We brewed Coastbuster to showcase some of the most tropical and fragrant hops available. We also wanted to prove a hoppy west coast beer could be brewed right here in the midwest. Coastbuster is typically available year-round, but with so many new beer releases and a Side Trail IPA Series, we only brewed it once for 2018, so get it now before it’s gone this spring. It won’t return until January 2019!

We add most of our hops in this beer late in the brewing process, where more flavor and aroma can be preserved. After initial fermentation we use a two-stage dry hop addition of three hop varieties.

Inspired by the gloriously effervescent qualities of hop varieties common to West Coast style Imperial IPAs, Coastbuster is our vehicle for displaying the best of what these hops have to offer: their tropical, fruity, and floral aromas and flavors. With a light malt character and a dry finish, this is a beer designed to let the most succulent aspects of Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade, and Citra shine through while keeping the bitterness in balance.

Warm, sunny days are slowly making their way back, which means it’s time to fire up the grill again! Coastbuster goes with a variety of dishes, so try it with our suggestions: spicy, Mexican, Cajun, curry, salty cured meats, charcuterie, grilled meats, BBQ, strong cheeses.

Awards: 2015 US Beer Tasting Championships: Best Midwest Imperial IPA

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