Upland’s Juicy Harvest Wet-Hopped India Pale Ale features a double dose of the freshest hops imaginable. It is a beer only made possible with the help of passionate hop growers, located right up the road at Indy High Bines.

For this beer, a crew from Upland spent a Sunday afternoon helping at the farm during the hop harvest. We picked and sorted fresh hop cones off the bine and shuttled 150 lbs back down to Bloomington to add directly to our hopback, where we stirred them into our brew right as it left the boil kettle.
Meanwhile, the Indy High Bines team immediately got to work pelletizing the remaining hops from this crop. We were then able to add another dose of these hops within days of the brew, directly into the fermenting beer during the dry hopping stage. Adding two doses of hops, both within days of when they were picked, provides the ultimate in beer freshness. This one-of-a-kind, once-a-year brew features a potent hop aroma and a smooth body with minimal bitterness. It was brewed fresh and is intended to be enjoyed fresh.
There are two separate batches of Juicy Harvest this year. The first features Indy High Bines Cascade hops and the second batch features Indy High Bines Chinook hops. To see which one you are enjoying, ask your bartender or check out the writing on the bottom of you can.
Available for purchase in 4pk-16oz cans. 

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