The Rarest of Species… 


You know how the Inuit supposedly have a hundred words for snow? Well, we’re guessing they don’t have any words to describe this beer. Neither did we, actually which is why we had to invent a whole new animal to name it. Our Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA is darkened with pure black malts, brewed with a pinch of lavender, and dry hopped Mosaic hops. Not a combination you’ll find in the wild, but hey – that’s why we like it.


Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA will be released on draught and in 6 packs in January of 2016. It will be available on tap at Upland tap rooms January 15.


Beer Description: Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA is a well-balanced, dark, bitter, and a totally unique beer experience. We brewed this IPA with a base of fresh Pilsner Malts and darkened the color with Black Malts, creating a clean malt character that allows the liberal hop additions to shine through. We add a pinch of locally grown English Lavender “Royal Velvet” to the kettle and dry hop with Mosaic to deliver tropical and floral notes which provide an aromatic experience. The lavender is from Lavender Valley Farm in Monroe County, Indiana.


ABV: 6.7%    IBU: 67

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