When Curt “Bird” DuBois isn’t playing guitar, fishing, or home brewing, you can find him at the Wood Shop. Curt’s experience home brewing fueled his passion and ideas for craft beer, and he has been with Upland’s Bloomington location for almost three years.


He started as a delivery driver for Upland in October 2014. He moved to forklift and then moved to the packaging floor, where he works today. He currently serves as the Packaging Lead at the Wood Shop Sour Brewery.


“The most unique thing about the Wood Shop is the beer, of course, but that comes from the people who work here,” Curt said. “We all came from different backgrounds and areas, and we all have different ideas about what we like in beer.”


Curt’s favorite Upland beer is the Dragonfly, but he said his beer of choice depends on the occasion.


“Hanging outside fishing, I’ll have a Campside,” he said. “Sitting at home in the winter, I’ll have a TBK (Teddy Bear Kisses). When Oktoberfest is out, I will be drinking a lot of that. If I’m with family or friends, I usually pop a sour or two just to share.”


Curt describes himself as laidback and up for anything. He spends his free time home brewing, playing guitar, and enjoying outdoor activities. He’s a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to Chicago sports. He loves to try new things, especially new beers.


“I guess like everyone here I’m a little weird, but that’s what makes great beer,” he said.






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