Coming soon in August…   Coastuster Imperial IPA

coast buster

Coastbuster Imperial IPA will be available at our retail locations August 1. Draught is available now throughout our current distribution network and 4 pack bottles will be following in August. Coastbuster was first brewed as a Side Trail Series brew and with an overwhelming response, we have decided to adopt Coastbuster Imperial IPA into our year round Upland Brew Lineup! Inspired by the gloriously effervescent qualities of hop varieties common to West Coast style Imperial IPAs, Coastbuster is our vehicle for displaying the best of what these hops have to offer: their tropical, fruity, and floral aromas and flavors.
Beer Description : 
With a light malt character and a dry finish, this is a beer designed to let the most succulent aspects of Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade, Centennial shine through while keeping the bitterness in balance.

Heed the call.

ABV: 8.5     IBU: 65     SG: 17.4     SRM: 5



Oktoberfest will be available in all markets starting August 1 and on tap at Upland retail locations September 19. No season is as synonymous with beer as autumn, when the most storied beer festival of them all, Oktoberfest, takes place in Munich, Germany. Since 1810, this celebration of good food, good company, and, most importantly, good beer, has most prominently featured Marzen-style lager-so much so that many refer to the beer simply as Oktoberfest.

Beer Description: Our Oktoberfest is a traditional Bavarian lager featuring all-German malts and rare German hops. This dedication to authenticity produces a beer that would be as at home in Munich as it is here in the Midwest United States. The aroma is authentic, the taste sweet and malty, and the finish crisp and hoppy; perfect for a beautiful fall day!

ABV: 6.7     IBU: 20     SG: 15     SRM: 14

Loner IPA

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.44.20 AM

Loner IPA is a new release in our Side Trail Series of IPA’s featuring a single fresh hop in each batch. The key to this beer is simplicity; Loner IPA lets the drinker appreciate each ingredient for what it is. The first of the Loners will feature Chinook hops. We are excited about these single hop beers so be on the lookout for more Loners as a part of our Side Trail Series. The aroma is dominated by notes of pineapple, and mango with light pine in the background. Upon tasting, the pine aspect comes to the forefront above the light sweetness of golden caramel malt and the toasty Vienna. The finish is dry with a moderate refreshing bitterness. Loner IPA will be available for wholesale August 1 and on tap at Upland retail locations August 8.

ABV: 6.1      IBU: 70


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