You know the chair: strategically placed at the midpoint between your speakers, broken in like your favorite pair of jeans. When it’s time to kick back and chill there’s no place you’d rather be. Our Easy Chair Amber Ale is brewed to be every bit as inviting.

Easy Chair has a malt to hop balance that is nearly even, slightly leaning toward malt.  Nutty, light caramel, toasty, and biscuity describes the malt flavors of this easily approachable beer.  Low yet perceptible English hop character round out the flavor which ends with a Medium dry finish. So go on: settle in, groove out—and sip into something comfortable.

Easy Chair will be available on draught at Upland retail locations and on draught throughout our market as well as 6 packs. 


Sweet Myrtle:


Sweet Myrtle was chosen as the winner of the 15 Beers for 15 Years Competition at Upland Brewing Company’s 15th Anniversary. What began as a brewer’s desire to make a non-traditional ale turned into a crowd favorite. Sweet Myrtle has a sweet earthy aroma. The Sterling hop addition imparts a spicy, herbal scent and plays nicely with the sweet dark fruit character from the dates added to the boil. These aspects continue on in the flavor profile; sweetness from the honey and dates mixes on the palate with the earthy herbal character of the sweet gale. This beer is not about hops, rather it highlights some atypical flavors not often found in an American craft beer. Finishes smooth and clean with a lingering sweetness.

Sweet Myrtle celebrates both an anniversary and the passion we have for making great beer as seen through our Side Trail Series. Cheers!

This beer will be available on draught at Upland retail locations and other select establishments.


Nut Hugger Brown Ale


Sometimes, it’s good to be a bit nutty. Take, for instance, our Nut Hugger Brown Ale, a unique twist on a traditional recipe. The familiar, pleasant bitterness you would expect from brown ale is present, tempered by a full, chewy caramel malt. However, things get interesting once you taste the hints of roasted biscuit and the chocolaty aroma, and to top it off, a touch of sweetness in the finish. Originally, brown ale hails from England, where it first emerged in the 1600’s. The inclusion of American hops, however, lends Nut Hugger Brown Ale a satisfying bite.

Are you nuts? Support Movember and drink Nut Hugger! We are gearing up for Movember and are calling on our fans to help us spread the word about Movember. During the month of November we’ll be drinking Nut Hugger and supporting our Upland Brew Co. Movember team. Join us and raise a glass to your Mo Bros and Sistas! Learn more about Movember here.

Nut Hugger will be available on draught at Upland retail locations and other select establishments.

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