On November 13th-20th Upland Brewing Company will open an online lottery for the release of four of its sour ales: Malefactor, Strawberry Raspberry, and Cherry.

The lottery will open at noon EDT on Thursday November 13th and close at noon on November 20th. To enter visit  www.uplandsours.eventbrite.com.

You must specify your preferred pick-up location (Bloomington Brewpub or Indianapolis Tasting Room in Broad Ripple) at the time of entry, and pickup locations cannot be changed after a reservation request has been made.

Lottery winners will be randomly drawn and notified via email on November 24th, and can purchase the sour ale(s) they selected at their preferred pickup location from December 3rd through December 17th. Sour brewery tours hosted by head brewer, Caleb Staton, will be offered Saturday December 13th at 3pm and 4pm. Tours will be limited to people who have a confirmed reservation. Email [email protected]  to reserve a spot.

Bottles may be picked up at the Bloomington Brew Pub 11am-midnight Monday through Thursday, 11am-1am Friday and Saturday, and noon to midnight Sunday, or at the Indianapolis Tasting Room 4pm-10pm Monday through Thursday and noon to midnight Friday and Saturday. Please note the Indianapolis Tasting Room cannot sell carryout on Sunday, in accordance with Indiana state law. Each bottle will cost $25 plus applicable sales tax.


upland sours

Malefactor:  Developed as a stronger version of a Flanders-style Red Ale, Malefactor is our only sour aged in bourbon barrels that have been previously used to age beer at least once. This creates petite notes of bourbon character, and darker, charred wood character. Malefactor also undergoes a turbid mash, with a portion of flaked maize being boiled with the rest of the malt bill, including Vienna and caramel malts. A different cocktail of microorganisms are involved in fermentation, which creates sour notes, and hints of cherry pie. Malefactor is aged for up to 8 months or more before packaging.

Fruited Lambics : Lambics have been made in Belgium for over 500 years, and we re honoring this tradition by brewing our own Indiana version. Upland lambics are fermented by wild yeast and aged in oak casks for over a year which creates a tart, complex beer. We then add whole berries, in this case cherries, strawberries, or raspberries, giving the beer enticing aromas and flavors. Once the fruit has been added, the beer is bottle conditioned, which adds a zesty and refreshing carbonation. Upland lambic is the perfect drink to share with friends over a plate of good cheese and fresh fruit.

This year’s strawberries came from our friends at Heartland Farms in Spencer, Indiana. Cherries for this year’s lambic are from Peterson Farms in Michigan, and the raspberries come from Driscoll Farms in California.

upland sours
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Tired of losing the lottery? Join our Secret Barrel Society!

Get the details at secretbarrelsociety.com. Cheers!

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