This refreshing kettle sour welcomes in spring with a distinctly tart grapefruit, peach, and strawberry flavor. Hibiscus and rose petals were chosen to compliment the tart and citrusy character, giving this ale a delightful floral nose.


We’re so excited to release Petal to the Kettle  in early June on draught throughout their distribution area as part of the Side Trail Series. It will be on tap at Upland pubs and tap rooms starting Friday, June 10th.


This beer pours a beautiful pinkish purple reminiscent of the inside of a ripe grapefruit. The aroma is of tart strawberries, lemon, and grapefruit with floral notes of rose and hibiscus. The flavor has a distinctly tart grapefruit character supported by peach, strawberry, and delicate hints of floral perfume. 

ABV: 6%   IBU: 5


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