This beer is like comfort food, crafted to be satisfying and relaxing while keeping the chill of winter at bay.

P.S. Drink it out of a ceramic mug at 8am and no one will be the wiser.


Side Trail Series #7, Syrupticious, will be available on draught in November and will be on tap Upland brew pubs and tasting rooms November 20th.

Beer Description

The aroma is rich with notes of coffee and maple syrup with a delicate sweet smokiness reminiscent of candied bacon. Maple and coffee also dominate the flavor and are complimented by scrumptious roast and chocolate contributions from dark malts. Supporting these flavors is a satisfying, full-bodied mouth feel created by generous additions of oats and lactose. 

ABV: 7%   IBU: 49

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  1. I was really looking forward to trying this beer, but now I’m a little worried after reading “a delicate sweet smokiness reminiscent of candied bacon”. Was bacon actually used in the brewing process? I’d like to know if the beer is vegetarian.

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