From the depths of German tradition comes Side Trail Series #2, Bock Ness Monster. Historically German monks brewed this behemoth beer to sustain them through their Lent fast. Like the doppelbocks before him, Bock Ness Monster’s aroma is dominated by traditional Munich malts but with subtle hints of chocolate and plum. The flavors of rich maltiness, toasty biscuit, light caramel, and dark chocolate flood your mouth with every sip. This beer is a flavor monster and and big enough to hold you over til lunch. Do as the Monks do – drink your breakfast.


Side Trail Series #2, Bock Ness Monster will be released on March 15th on draught and will be tapped at Upland retail locations on April 3rd.
Beer Description: 

The aroma is dominated by toasty German Munich Malts with subtle chocolate and hints of plum. The flavor is a flood of rich maltiness characterized by toasty biscuit, light caramel, and hints of dark chocolate. A subtle sweetness helps to accentuate the luscious malty attributes that are the hallmark of this style. 

ABV: 7.5%   IBU: 24

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