Sours Lottery – 2nd release

Got your calendar? Circle Thursday, April 13 at 10am because that’s when you can enter the sours lottery for our 2nd release of 2017! And the spring lineup is quite impressive—Persimmon, Aronia, Cauldron, and PawPaw. The Secret Barrel Society reserved their bottles, including an exclusive batch of Mulberry, and now it’s your turn for a chance at them. This link will go live at 10am on 4/13.

About the wood-aged sours:
Persimmon – Persimmon was the first beer developed in the Upland Sour Ale Program to utilize a fruit from a native North American species of flora. All of our persimmons are picked by hand by Anthony Piatt every late fall and early winter, in his favorite backroad persimmon groves throughout Southern Indiana.

Similar to a Witbier in appearance, light straw colors are accompanied by fresh aromas of persimmon, pear and peaches. Lactic tanginess, field flavors and dry fruits create a refreshing and experiential taste. Finish is very dry, with lingering persimmon flavor.

Aronia –  Native to eastern North America, the genus of Aronia, commonly called chokeberry, is a berry producing shrub.

Aronia pours with wonderful highlights of red and purple with a light pink head. Aromas of aronia, which has elements of cherry and blueberry, are apparent. By blending a small amount of Crimson, the beer has a more moderate body to allow the fruit to meld with the mild cherry contribution of Crimson.

Cauldron –  We selected a blend of one part Crimson and one part Darken aged on northern Michigan Montmorency Cherries to develop an altogether new sour ale experience. The melding of these two beers creates a complex sour ale, with notes of spices, charred oak, and copious cherry fruit character.

Cauldron pours with a dark copper color with amber hues. Aromas of cherry, caramel, and spice rise up from the foam. Cauldron is best allowed to warm during tasting, as various flavors of spice, cherry, dark malts, chocolate, and red wine evolve in the glass.

PawPaw – Under-utilized native species of fruit trees have fascinated the sour brewers at Upland, and our imagination of incorporating these select fruits into sour ales has been a successful adventure. Although known by many names, we proudly incorporated the Indiana Banana into our family of sour ales.

Pawpaw pours with a rich golden straw appearance with slight haze. Aromas of banana and mango are accompanied by tart and floral notes.

Upland Brewing Company Opens New Indianapolis Tap House

Upland Brewing Company Opens New Indianapolis Tap House

We already have three locations that are convenient for Indianapolis residents, but this spot uniquely serves the crowd around 82nd Street where people are already spending significant time shopping and enjoying entertainment options. The location is ideal with a large outdoor patio overlooking green space and plenty of dining room. We’re thrilled to welcome our first guests, and everyone thereafter.

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