Our friends at Oliver Winery have had a hand in our Sour Ale program since the beginning. The first oak barrels acquired by Upland were purchased from Oliver. Now, many years later, we are excited to have created two collaboration brews with them. A couple of weeks ago we started our day at Oliver Winery’s beautiful Creekbend Vineyards to pick out grapes for next year’s Vinosynth Sour Ales.

oliver winery

oliver winery oliver winery

oliver winery

We even got a ride on the shaker.

oliver winery


Vinosynth Red: VinoSynth Red is a blend of 50% Sour Reserve and 50% Malefactor Flanders-style Red Ale aged on Catawba grapes. Catawba is a native North American variety, known for making jams and jellies, and distinctly juice, fruity, exotic wines. Malefactor was blended with Sour Reserve to develop more body, mild bourbon barrel character, and a layered acidity to complement the Catawba’s innate sweet, fruity notes.

Vinosynth White:  VinoSynth White is 100% Sour Reserve aged on locally grown Vidal Blanc grapes. Vidal Blanc is a French varietal with hints of tropical fruit flavor, commonly utilized to develop ice wines. Our Sour Reserve lends itself wonderfully to enveloping the acidity of the grape with notes of lactic acid, and allows the polite pineapple and grapefruit character of Vidal Blanc to shine on the palate.

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