Throughout the summer, Upland teamed up with Fullers Brewery in London to encourage drinkers to compare the differences between American and English style IPAs, specifically Upland’s Dragonfly IPA and Fullers’ Bengal Lancer IPA.  This past weekend, Fullers took this partnership one step further by opening the doors of their brewery to two members of our Upland Brew Crew, Patrick and Chris.


07- our first pints

Fullers Sanctuary House Hotel in the heart of Westminster left us within blocks of centuries of British history and just an arms length away from a full pint of real ale from the Pie & Ale House pub on the ground floor of the hotel.

55- waiting for the eye

Free to explore London over the weekend, we made sure that our full stack of Upland stickers also got an upclose view of all that London has to offer, from Parliament and Tower Bridge to more recent skyline additions such as the London Eye and The Shard.


On Monday morning, Chris, Patrick, and Kevin from Epic Brewing Company in Salt Lake City met Michael Campbell-Lamerton, Fullers’ Head of Export, at the gates of the brewery to open the doors to 170 years of British brewing heritage.  From there, Georgina Young, Brewing Manager, gave us a fully hands-on tour of the entire brewery, sitting in the control room, milling grain, and adding hops.



Overall, the entire weekend was an incredible experience.   It awarded us a chance to look back at a highly influential brewery that is respected worldwide and has directly influenced countless American craft brewers.  It was perhaps equally rewarding and humbling to see how the American craft beer movement has been heavily influencing the London beer scene in recent years.

For more photos of the guys’ brew day at Fullers click here.

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