It’s time.  Time to do something different, shake things up a bit.  Live a little, take a little risk.

As if last year’s new Brewery and Tap House, and a bunch of new beers aren’t enough change to celebrate 15 amazing years.

But before the next cat comes out of the bag, I’ll tell you one thing that isn’t changing: Upland is a team of remarkable people, each of whom expresses his/her art and profession in a different way.  It’s damn beautiful to see all their individual efforts blend together in the company culture, and it’s a privilege for me to spend lots of time working alongside them.  Our mission to Live, Brew and Share our ideals by putting them in the minds, hands and coolers of craft beer enthusiasts “aint’ goin’ nowhere,” as Bob Dylan sang.

And then there is you: our Family of drinkers and party-goers and dinner guests and weekend warriors from near and far whose purchases have allowed us to grow and thrive.  In the early days, when craft beer was an oddity in Indiana, you kept the lights on; today, you are lining up to buy more beer than we can make.  All gratitude and respect to you.

So what’s the new idea?

It’s time… for the artwork on the bottles and the tap handles on the draft towers to better represent who we are.  Some of the label changes will be subtle, some more dramatic.  The hills-and-sky logo is evolving just a bit.  We’ve been working for over a year with a group of all-star artists and designers to come up with the new imagery; the starting point in all those artistic discussions was who we are as artisans, beers and customers.  We defined our identity in words; the artists helped us paint the picture.  It was a blast, and we’re excited to share it.

While all this artwork is only a skin, we think the new designs represent the substance of today’s Upland team and family in a more accurate way than some of our old imagery – stronger, more creative, and with more depth of character.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be catching sneak peeks at the new designs, then in April we’ll be throwing a few parties to celebrate.  Stay tuned – this is going to be fun!