Whether you’re new to sour ales or you’re the first one in line on sour pick-up day, head over to The Wood Shop to pick up a bottle. Going to a dinner party or having friends over? Grab a bottle of Darken, Revive, or Hopsynth to go with dinner or dessert. Tart and tropical, Revive is our newest sour, and Darken has a chocolaty aroma with a spicy finish.


You can also enjoy a vintage bottle you can’t find anywhere else! These are only available for enjoyment on-premise, so grab a pal or two and share a bottle at The Wood Shop.


Tours at The Wood Shop are Thursday/Friday 4:30 & 6pm and Saturday/Sunday 1:30, 3, & 5pm.


The Wood Shop is located at 350 W. 11th St. (next to our Bloomington Brewpub).



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