This past weekend Upland participated in the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest. The festival took place in Boston and comprised of 79 breweries, all of whom brought their unique renditions of beers that pushed the boundaries of brewing.  


Our lineup focused on a variety of flavors and styles. We brought our Blackberry sour and Iridescent, a sour aged on apricot and ginger. Barrel Chested barley wine, and a new wheat wine, Indianaversary, were both well received. And we saw plenty of smiles from those who ordered our uniquely named Russian imperial stout, Teddy Bear Kisses.


Our beers were only a small number of the great selection that could be enjoyed throughout the weekend. During three sessions over a period of two days, every brewery was able to show off a wide variety of beers that reflected their passion for brewing. I find that I continue to be impressed with the growing number of breweries and their dedication to quality beers, many of which never existed just a short time ago.


But even more impressive might be the passion exhibited by the thousands of people who were in attendance. This festival, as with all festivals, serve as a great inspiration for breweries to continue innovating and striving to create their best beer yet. The entire craft beer industry is incredibly lucky to have such a passionate following who continue to seek out the next best thing, and revisit old favorites that are near and dear to their taste buds.


Here at Upland, we will continue to make beer that you’ll be excited to try and tell your friends about. Now that we’re selling our sours in Boston, the network of Upland fans is certainly growing. We thank all of you for enjoying our beers and we hope to share one with you soon.


Dusty Howe, Sour Brand Manager

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