Our way of starting 2017 on the right track from the get-go is with a project that expresses solidarity, love, and creativity through community and beer. Up in Arts is a new beer and a way to do some local good through art.


The Beer

The Up in Arts beer is a dry-hopped lager that blends German and American brewing methods, taking a traditional German lager and loading it up with fragrant American hops right before packaging. Here’s how this beer inspired the Up in Arts theme:


Solidarity: Falconers Flight is not an individual hop variety but a blend of several different unique, complementary varieties.


Love: Brewing this beer required plenty of cooperation, communication, and, especially, patience—conditioning the German lager for over two months before introducing the American hops. There was thorough consideration upon every process step and ingredient choice.


Creativity: Experimental Hop #07270 represents the artistic components of American craft brewing. We are always looking for new ways to bring out unique flavor components.


The Project

We’re planning fundraisers at Upland locations and inviting the communities to join us and create! We partnered with Tri-State Artisans for a “Beer & Canvas” kick off fundraiser at our Bloomington Brewpub location on Monday, January 23 at 6pm. Proceeds will benefits the Bloomington Arts Alliance and tickets are available online for $30—two beers and snacks on us included.


Purchase your “Beer & Canvas” ticket here on Eventbrite.

Up in Arts taps this week at the Bloomington Brewpub. 

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