Holiday Beer Pairings

The holidays are here and that means gatherings with friends and family around what we all love—food and beer. Let us help you find the best beers as your eat your way from appetizer to dessert.



Cheese is the ultimate appetizer. For a cheese plate with parrano gouda, fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, brie, and washed-rind cheese, try the Drangonfly IPA, Wheat Ale, and Bad Elmer’s.

From a classic cheeseball family? If you’re cheeseball has chopped nuts, herbs, and dried fruits, pair with Prim, our new sour ale with plum flavors and cardamon spice that balance sweet and savory cheese. 



Our newest seasonal tropical pale ale, Latitude Adjustment, is perfect for pairing with jerk chicken and salads with a vinaigrette.


Main course:

Moving on to the meat. For a traditional turkey dinner, our Harvest Ale or Prim complements the poultry with any combination of stuffing ingredients. For ham, Latitude Adjustment and Revive go well because the pineapple adds a nice natural citrusy pairing with pork. Lamb or pot roast is delicious with Darken or One-eyed Elmer because strong flavors are pulled from each. 



It’s not Thanksgiving without pie. And Thanksgiving never happened if you didn’t instagram your plate. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying pumpkin pie, chocolate ganache, or that fruit cake you secretly love, Teddy Bear Kisses is a tasty beer to bookend your meal.


Let’s be honest. It’s pretty difficult to mess up beer with any food, so use the holidays as a time to try new brews and have fun tasting and sampling with friends and family!

Upland Brewing Company Opens New Indianapolis Tap House

Upland Brewing Company Opens New Indianapolis Tap House

We already have three locations that are convenient for Indianapolis residents, but this spot uniquely serves the crowd around 82nd Street where people are already spending significant time shopping and enjoying entertainment options. The location is ideal with a large outdoor patio overlooking green space and plenty of dining room. We’re thrilled to welcome our first guests, and everyone thereafter.

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