Winter is coming. Cold weather, hats and gloves, and frosty windows are fast approaching, but we’re  taking a stand against winter with a new seasonal beer. Starting November, Upland fans can just say no to snow with  Latitude Adjustment, a tropical pale ale with pineapple and coconut.


This beer started as a Side Trail Series beer, formerly known as Beard of Paradise, and is back by popular demand. Upland’s Side Trail beers are fun, experimental beers that may only be brewed once, but Latitude Adjustment quickly became a favorite that defies season. This was a beer originally inspired by Nickolous Cox known more commonly as “Bender” around the brewery: Part man, part Viking cowboy, astrophysicist, champion fencer, bottling line tamer, and all round mechanical guru of the brewery. His affinity toward warmer climes and long romantic walks on the beach led to the conception of this recipe as one of our 15 employee-brewed 15th anniversary celebration beers.


Latitude Adjustment is intended to be a “winter escape” beer, a kind of brew that you might typically see as a summer seasonal, intended to give the drinker a psychological relief from the chill of winter by providing the impression of warmer climes,” says Innovation Lead Matt Wisley.


“We’ve brewed a few small batches of this beer over the last two years and we are really excited to finally release it on a larger scale,” says VP of Brewing Operations Pete Batule.


”Latitude Adjustment is escapism in a bottle. Those looking for a change from the malty winter brews will enjoy this complex and refreshing pale ale,” says Wisely.


Latitude Adjustment will be available in early November in six-packs and on draught.  


Beer Description: The citrus tones in the Mosaic west coast hops deliver a bold tropical flavor with background contributions of pineapple and coconut. There is a slight sweetness from the crystal malt that is well-balanced with the acidity of the pineapple. Coconut is introduced in the brewhouse, as well as during aging, and pineapple is added toward the end of fermentation. The beer pours golden with a clean, crisp finish.  
ABV: 6.2%   IBU: 30

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