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Football season means tailgating time and Upland Brewing Company has what you need, win or lose. Not only do we enjoy a good brew during the game, like Dragonfly IPA with its powerful hop profile, but we use our beers to cook with for several pub favorites, like our buffalo chili made with Bad Elmer’s Porter. Beer is one of our favorite condiments. Our Bloomington Brewpub Executive Chef, Chris Swartzentruber, has ideas to take your tailgate time to the next level using Champagne Velvet, the re-release of a staple Hoosier beer.


“Tailgating is about grilling out and sharing a few cold beers with friends. Champagne Velvet is my pick, especially for those who would normally grab a case of domestic beer, but want to find something similar and local,” says Swartzentruber.


Cooking with CV

Champagne Velvet is a Pre-Prohibition Pilsner that is clean, crisp, and light with a corn malt that pairs well with this fall weather. The German Tettnang hops make this beer a perfect fit for tailgating, where grilled meats and salty food are plentiful. If you’re grilling hamburgers or chicken, CV is a no-brainer. Making bratwurst? Beer poach them with CV (we did for our Oktoberfest menu) for an added kick and we recommend topping them with the spicy mustard. Here are some recipes to try out at your next tailgate.


Grab a growler or 6 pack and we’ll see you at the game!


Beer Cheese Dip:


Beer Poached Brats:

Add beer, chopped onion and brats to a large pan. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer and cook until brats are done (firm to the touch). Discard liquid and fry onions in butter in a clean pan, if desired.


Beer Mustard:

Combine all ingredients and whisk together until well incorporated.

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