Now you can rep your favorite Upland location with a custom t-shirt! Love every location? Collect them all! We created an Upland Artist Series to pay homage to our hometown of Bloomington and the great Indiana communities that share our beer and ideals—Columbus, Broad Ripple and Carmel. A unique t-shirt was designed for each location by local artists within that community.

T-shirts are available at each respective location for $20 each.

Kyle O’Brien Caird
Designed: Bloomington Brewpub, Wood Shop Brewery, & West Side Beer Bar/Production Brewery t-shirts

About Me:
Kyle is from Elkhart, IN (RV Capital of the World) and majored in studio art at Indiana University. After graduation, he designed and managed marketing for Morris Innovative, a start-up medical device company in Bloomington. Today, Kyle is the Visual Content Manager for the Corporate Communications team at Cook Medical. In the evenings, he provides freelance creative strategy and design support to a variety of clients. When he’s not designing, talking about design, or reading about design, you can find Kyle doing what Bloomington people do—hitting Lake Monroe, riding his bike, playing beach volleyball with his “Wednesday Crew,” or just chilling with friends playing yard games and listening to music.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to design for a brand that I feel uniquely represents the vibe of Bloomington, and I hope that these shirts can provide a sense of pride for the community that Upland supports.” 



Andy J. Miller
Designed: Columbus Pump House t-shirt
Andy J. Pizza (AKA Andy J. Miller) is an illustrator, podcaster and speaker currently living and working in Columbus, OH and from Columbus, IN. He is the creator of the podcast and book ‘Creative Pep Talk’. He’s illustrated for clients like Nickelodeon, Google, Converse, Sony, Smart Car, Oreo, The Boston Globe & Nutella. Check out his latest book and current projects at

Kaitlyn DeSpain
Designed: Carmel Tap House & Indianapolis Tasting Room t-shirts
Kaitlyn graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. Born and raised in northern California, she moved to Laguna Beach in 2010 to attend Laguna College of Art and Design. In 2015, Kaitlyn then moved to Indianapolis to finish her degree. Her most recent work explores line, texture, and ambiguous imagery through storytelling. By representing her stories in the form of zines, Kaitlyn’s philosophy is to make her work relatable, accessible and personable. As a new resident of Indianapolis and recent college graduate, Kaitlyn DeSpain is eager to immerse herself in the city’s flourishing art scene.

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