If you’ve been to the Upland Carmel location, you’ve probably seen the General Manager, Allison Dalluege running around the brewpub and cutting up with the staff. She has been with Upland for 10 years and at the Carmel location since day one of opening, three years ago.


“Upland is family. We all have a unique relationship built on trust and I appreciate the consistency of good food and beer and push for including as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible,” said Allison.


On a Tuesday afternoon, as people came in for a beer or lunch, she greeted them by name. “I love our Carmel brewpub because the past year we’ve really been able to acquire the passionate craft beer drinkers around here. It’s been rewarding to build those relationships.”


When she’s not giving the bartenders a hard time, Allison enjoys live music. “I need to dance it out,” she said. “I’m also getting into coloring and recently found my crafty side. It helps me relax.”


What’s Allison’s holiday gift pick? Holiday Packs that include Revive and Hopsynth because “Revive has the perfect amount of fruitiness and Hopsynth is a go-to for any sour beer fan. If you’re unsure what the recipient likes, go with Sour Reserve. It’s a blend of our base blonde ale, Basis, and a nice adventure for anyone who typically drinks wine at dinner.” 

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