We realize Sour Fest was nearly a month ago, but hey, late is better than never.

This year we moved into the Indianapolis City Market.  What a joint!  This place had it all.  The natural sunlight isn’t something you always see at beer festivals and it was surely welcome.  Lots of local good eats to be had and a outdoor brick pavilion for sunbathing while savoring your sour treat.


First off, VIP’s were welcomed by Caleb Staton with a review of our sour program and a small private tasting.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  This VIP hour sold out in less than 10 mintues!

The VIP’s were treated to special treats, private bathrooms and catered lunch.


Doors opened at 2:00 p.m. and it was truly awesome to see all the sour lovers lining up.  We had a sold out event at 650 attendees.

SF-bottles SF-Upland

I can tell you, your thumbs get a bit sore poppin’ all those corks!

SF-citymarket SF-Cutters

I think the other participating breweries, of which we had 25, also had a good time!

It may seem that some TUMS would be in order after all those sours, but we thought….. we’ll drink more beer. We invited our Secret Barrel Society members to hang out and party in the catacombs for a little bit longer.  Lucky for us we had fresh cold beer and funky tunes by the Magmatix.


Check out these happy Upland people.  Can you say employee retention?



Thank you to Zach Cook and Liz Paveza from Misfit29 for these fabulous photos and video.

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