Drinking a beer from the Upland Side Trail Series is a little like skiing out of bounds. The named and color-coded trails are what get you hooked on the sport, and passionate, hard-working people spend hours every day grooming those trails to perfection. But sometimes you just can’t help wondering what’s on the other side.

Because at some point, it isn’t about the terrain anymore; it’s about the exploration. This is the inspiration for the beers in the Upland Side Trail Series. Throughout 2014, Upland will periodically release new and unique brewer creations, all meant for the beer drinker with a wandering spirit. These beers may be hoppy or malty, light-bodied or heavy, sessionable or intense, but they will always be well-crafted, compelling expressions of our brewers’ love for what they do. Be on the lookout for these new beers, and remember, never go alone on the side trail.

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