The next beer in our Side Trail Series (link: will be on tap at all Upland locations Friday May 16th. For our third installation in this series, we brewed last year’s UpCup Homebrewing Competition winner, Breakfast Berliner Weisse by Tom Wallbank. As an honorary member of the Upland brew crew, Tom joined us at our production brewery to be Brewmaster for a day while this beer was brewed. We had a blast with Tom, and his beer turned out to be just as delicious as the batch that won him the UpCup trophy! Stop by to check out this beer, and try it with a splash of Woodruff syrup! This sweet, herbaceous syrup was ordered in from Germany and is traditionally added to Berliner Weisse to cut the natural sourness of the beer.

Woodruff Syrup

Infinite Wisdom Tripel was tapped at all Upland locations last Friday and will be available in select bars, restaurants, and bottle shops starting this week. This strong Belgian-style ale uses classic Belgian yeasts, giving it a complex fruitiness and scents of banana and citrus. Although it’s very easy to drink, this ale is not to be recklessly consumed, weighing in at 9% ABV.

Tripel 4-pack

This year, Infinite Wisdom will be packaged in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles, rather than the 22 oz. bombers of previous years. The imagery on the packaging will stay the same, however, so be on the lookout for label artwork by Upland’s good friend and world-renowned artist Norton Wisdom. Upland was first introduced to Wisdom through a former brewer several years ago, and the entire staff was captivated by his talent and individual style. The brewery has been working with him regularly ever since, commissioning him for several different beer labels and hosting a number of his live shows, during which Wisdom paints to live music and works in a performative style. These paintings are destroyed after the shows to remain a temporary interpretation of the music, but prints resurface in collages mounted on canvas. You don’t need to destroy your beer label after enjoying an Infinite Wisdom Tripel, however if you do, please recycle.

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