For the first time ever, Upland Brewing Co will be releasing its first beer brewed with an edible flower.  Our newest sour ale, Viola, gives our classic oak aged sour ale a new twist using fresh viola flowers. The beer’s enticing floral aromas and flavors are best enjoyed with seafood, sushi, or dark chocolate.

With a focus on utilizing locally sourced ingredients, Upland has collaborated with our friends at Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana to create Vinosynth White and Vinosynth Red. These collaboration bottles are a unique combination of Upland Sours aged on Indiana grown grapes. Vinosynth Red is aged on Catawba grapes and Vinosynth White is aged on Vidal Blanc grapes from the Oliver Creekbend Vineyards.   We’re excited to share this unique creation that celebrates the artisanship and love of local ingredients our two companies share.

This release is rounded out with sour favorites Sour Reserve #5 and Blackberry Lambic.

In celebration of these new releases, Upland is also excited to announce our next sour lottery!  The lottery will begin at noon on June 24th and will remain open until noon on June 30th. This lottery includes Sour Reserve #5, Viola, Blackberry Lambic, Vinosynth White, and Vinosynth Red. For additional details about this sour lottery head to

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