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Not a Mug Club member? Here are the details…

Bad Elmer is a special kind of character. He doesn’t make deals. However, if you choose to join his club, you are more likely to receive certain benefits. These benefits may or may not include:

-A 23oz mug of beer for the price of a pint. Some days it may cost even less than a pint, depending on Bad Elmer’s mood.

-A “virgin” mug pour. Bad Elmer will pick up the tab for your first beer. Unless you displease him. Ask your server or bartender for the official Mug Club Rules to find out what displeases Bad Elmer.

-An exclusive Bad Elmer’s Mug Club T-shirt. Wear it with pride.

-Exclusive parties. Bad Elmer will host a Mug Club party at each of the four Upland locations three times a year, for a total of twelve parties a year. Bad Elmer enjoys a good party, and his event planners always make sure Bad Elmer gets what he wants. You will come to these parties, and you will have a raging good time. You will not argue about this, or about anything else, with Bad Elmer.

Membership fees:

• One-year membership (1/1-12/31): $60
• Mid-year membership (7/1-12/31): $35

Visit any of our locations to join. Tell them Bad Elmer sent you.

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