To celebrate our new look, we have released “The Welcoming Committee,” a new twist on our traditional beer sampler pack to welcome fans—both new and old.

Containing twelve bottles of “Wheat Ale, Dragonfly IPA, and at least two other varieties of whatever the guys boxing it up were in the mood for,” the Welcoming Committee is, as its name suggests, an ideal introduction to the company’s beer for those new to the brand. It’s also a favorite of Upland fans, who appreciate its combination of old favorites (the flagship Wheat Ale and Dragonfly IPA) and randomly selected seasonal beers to try. (Those who know us also know that “whatever the guys boxing it up were in the mood for” perfectly captures the laid-back spirit of Upland.)

The packaging continues the style of our recent rebranding, with artwork and hand- lettered type by France-based BMD Design. The pack’s illustration—a hand holding a bottle—is designed to resemble a handshake, reinforcing our welcoming attitude. We hope you enjoy it!

The Welcoming Committee is available in select retail locations throughout Indiana, as well as other places Upland is sold.

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