We hope you are all enjoying these warm summer days! This is your reminder that the date is drawing near for his years Tour de Upland.

If you still haven’t registered you can still do so HERE. If you are registered we hope you are preparing yourself for a weekend of biking, beer and fun with the Upland Crew. Our Upland-Soma bike team has compiled a list of training tips to help you prepare:

Team Upland-Soma’s  Cycling Training Tips in preparing for the Tour De Upland –

1)  Be sure your bike is in good condition.  Is everything in proper working order?  Having a good tune up at the local bike shop can help make the weekend enjoyable without having to worry about mechanical issues.

2)  Do you have a spare inner tube and repair kit along with a portable pump or compressed air?  Do you know how to fix a flat?  You never know what can happen with your bike while out on the road and you want to be prepared!  A good multi-tool that can be carried along in your jersey pocket or saddle bag can be a ride-saver when called upon.

3)  Are YOU in good condition?  Are you ready to tackle the hills of Brown County and the number of miles you expect to ride?  Putting together a training plan sooner than later will help you enjoy your weekend at TdU and not suffer the entire time!  Keep the plan and your ride schedule simple and doable.

Start off with reasonable miles based on your current fitness and build up to the miles you want to do, and be sure to have rest and recovery in between riding.  The key to training for any event is not the activity, but the recovery.  Push yourself a little more each time, then give your body the opportunity to recover and “train” itself to expect to do more the next time!

Also be sure to get plenty of rest during this period and eat smart!  An added benefit to doing all of this is the natural weight loss that will likely happen – this will really be beneficial when riding up the hills!

Struggling to get a start in putting together a training schedule?  A Google or internet search of “cycling” – “training” – “schedule” will link you to various free or paid sites and pages of various calendars that can help you put together the training and mileage you need to do in order to be prepared to have a fun time riding at TdU!


Team Upland-Soma’s  Beer Drinking Tips –

1)   Create a thirst worthy of drinking Upland Beer.  Repeat as necessary

2)   Drink with friends, not enemies (if you have no friends, TdU is the time to make some!)

3)   Consume to the point of irresponsibility, then stop.  Repeat as necessary.

Study up! We expect you all to be in tip top condition for biking and consuming come August. If you aren’t registered yet don’t wait, prices will increase August 4thIf you register by July 28th with the code IRideBikes you will receive 10% off your registration price, so don’t wait! Register HERE.

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