June 6, 2013 -‐ Upland Brewing Company today announced a partnership with Superior Beverage Group to expand wholesale beer distribution into Columbus and Cleveland, significantly increasing Upland’s existing Ohio distribution in Cincinnati and southwest Ohio. Upland beers are scheduled to hit taps and retail shelves in Columbus and Cleveland markets by mid-June.

Upland has been brewing ales, lagers, and sours in Bloomington, Indiana since 1998. Many of their beers are interesting twists on traditional recipes, but the lineup also includes numerous unique brewer creations. Upland brews over thirty beers, which in addition to Ohio are also distributed throughout Indiana and in parts of Kentucky and Wisconsin.  The brewery has won numerous awards at regional, national, and international competitions, and had two beers recently recognized in the Top 40 Best Craft Beers of 2012 by The Full Pint. 

“Along the way we’ve built a 15-year strong craft brewery and made a lot of friends, while being an active partner in our many communities,” said Upland President Doug Dayhoff.  “The tremendous success of Upland’s late 2012 wholesale expansion and our ongoing partnership with Stagnaro Distributing in Cincinnati has created this opportunity for growth, and we anticipate similar results as we move deeper into Ohio.”

Upland Brewing Company, Inc. is a Bloomington, Indiana-based brewery established in 1998 that specializes in handcrafted ales and lagers.