The beginning of Circle City Beer Week is marked by the Indiana Brewers Cup, the main forum for Hoosier professional and amateur brewers to compete in Indiana. Held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, this program is part of the State Fair and where accolades from this competition are put on display.

As usual, Upland went to the Brewers Cup with high hopes, and we did not disappoint. Although we didn’t get the much coveted “Brewery of the Year,” for the third year in a row, Upland did win “Best of Show” with Helios Pale Ale. In order to get “Best of Show,” your beer must first receive a gold medal in its category, and then all gold medal winners are rejudged. The best out of that group is the “Best of Show.”


Here is the run down of all of the Upland medals for the 2013 Brewers Cup:

Category 1. Light Lager
1. Brickstone Brewery, Bourbonnais, IL: Brickstone 557
2. Upland Brewing Co, Bloomington, IN : Champagne Velvet
3. Great Crescent Brewery, Aurora, IN : Aurora Lager

Category 4. Dark Lager
1. Upland Brewing Co., Bloomington, IN : Schwarz Black Lager

2. Great Crescent Brewery, Aurora, IN : Dark Lager
3. Bier Brewery, Indianapolis, IN : PM Lager

Category 8. English Pale Ale
1. Upland Brewing Company, Bloomington, IN : Helios Pale Ale

2. Bier Brewery, Indianapolis, IN : D’s ESB
3. No medal awarded

Category 10. American Ale
1. Triton Brewing Co., Indianapolis, IN : Four Barrel Brown
2. Upland Brewing Co., Bloomington, IN : Campside Session Ale
3. Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN : Osiris

Category 17. Sour Ale
1. Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN : Stupid Sexy Flanders
2. Upland Brewing Co., Bloomington, IN : Malefactor
3. Upland Brewing Co., Bloomington, IN : Sour Reserve Batch 3

Category 23. Specialty Beer
1. Upland Brewing Co., Bloomington, IN : Vinyl Tap Rye Pale Ale

2. Bell’s Brewery, Galesburg, MI : Roundhouse IPA
3. Tin Man Brewing, Evansville, IN : Black IPA

For a full detailed list of all of the winners, go to the Brewers Cup Website.

We are especially proud of our brewers: without them, we would not have these wonderful beers. We are really excited that three brand new beers for us, Campside Session IPA, Vinyl Tap Rye Pale Ale, and Champagne Velvet were amongst our medals. Look forward to seeing other new and delicious creations come your way soon. We will have those beers and Helios Pale Ale available this Saturday at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival.

A special congratulations goes out to our friends at Sun King Brewing for winning “Brewery of the Year,” and also to all of our other friends in both the professional and homebrew categories for a job well done.