Tropical Vortex continues Upland’s tradition of brewing “out of season” in a rebellion against winter. Rather than submit to the doldrums of the season by drowning our sorrows in heavy, dark beers, we choose to look on the sunny side of life by brewing a beer that invokes the warmth and brightness of summer. Tropical Vortex is a bright, crisp, and refreshing IPA using Galaxy and Waimea hops grown in the Southern Hemisphere. Inspired by the Brut IPAs originating on the West Coast, this beer is crystal clear, dry, and effervescent with a very mild bitterness and powerful flavors of passionfruit, peach, citrus and mango. The perfect beer for wishful drinking because, while it’s winter in the Midwest, it’s always summer somewhere.

Tropical Vortex pairs well with Pork Belly Tacos, Mango Habanero Wings/Seitan nuggets, Watermelon salad, Pulled Pork Sandwich (BBQ or Habanero), and Bad Elmers (Burger or Chicken).

Join us on January 25th as we celebrate Tropical Vortex! Beat the winter blues and stop by our Upland retail locations for a day of tropical fun in the sun!

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