If you think you’ve got some hardcore endurance, you should check out Team Upland, our sustainable cycling team. These guys have been cycling their tails off (probably quite literally) over the past couple days in Asheville, NC at training camp.

Day 1 – On the first day there, some of the team went on a 45 miler and the others on a 90 miler. Here are some fantastic photos and highlights over the past three days. One of Team Upland’s cyclists, Chris Kroll, expressed that he now has a much greater appreciation for pro riders, after two Category 2 climbs that included “some jaw dropping tour-esque wicked descents.”

• Over 11,000 ft of climbing (that’s over 2 miles!)
• 16.0 mph avg
• max speed 48 mph
• 4591 calories burned

Day 2
• 85 miles covered
• Over 9000 feet of climbing
• 5 hrs 20 mins of ride time for the Elite Squad members as they took on the Category 1 climb of Mt Pisgah

But that’s not all! On the way back to their cabins, they made a pit stop in Waynesville, in search of an open coffee shop. They stopped and spoke with two couples vacationing in the area. The men immediately recognized the Upland kits and inquired as to the cycling team’s relationship to the beer. These West Virginians were huge fans of Upland brews and specifically mentioned the Lambics!

Day 3 “Recovery Day” was rainy all day, but despite the rain, five braves souls ventured out for only around 30 miles of riding and 3,500 ft of climbing!

Stay tuned for more Team Upland adventures as cycling season is upon us.
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