PEACH Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE We first began experimenting with Belgian-style ales in 2006, and fresh, whole peaches were selected as one of the first fruits to add to the sour beer that we had fermented for over eight months in white oak barrels. We use 7,000 pounds of fresh Indiana peaches from […]


PRIM Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE Sometimes a name says it all. Prim was inspired by blending the names of the two main ingredients, plum and cardamom. This sour ale uses Basis as the base beer, adding whole plums to capture the sweet fruit flavor and tartness of the skins, and the incredibly aromatic […]


REVIVE Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE After extensive experimentation and feedback from our retail staff, customers, and brewing team, Revive was one of the first beers released out of the Wood Shop. The base beer is Basis, which was inspired by traditional brewing methods of Belgium brewing. The beer is aged for three to […]


DEVINED Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE Our friends at Oliver Winery have had a hand in our Sour Ale program since the beginning. The first oak barrels acquired by Upland were purchased from Oliver. We have released our Terrior Series for a few years now. The Chambourcin grape is grown in Indiana by wine […]


FOUND Sours – AMERICAN WILD ALE After spending a weekend with our friends at Blackberry Farm Brewery foraging in the Smoky Mountains, we brought back several yeast specimens and isolated a few strains to begin the fermentation process. We collaborated with the Blackberry Farm brewers on a recipe to echo and enhance the unique characteristics […]

Golden Brue

BARREL-AGED SOUR ALE Sours – BARREL-AGED SOUR ALE Teaming up with our friends at THE BRUERY in Anaheim, CA, this barrel-aged sour ale was inspired by the idea of blending our two barrel-aged programs together. GOLDEN BRUE combines The Bruery recipe & house yeast strain with Upland’s lambic-style sour ale, Basis. A reminder that every […]


IRIDESCENT Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE This beer was developed through extensive experimentation by our brewers with different combinations of dried fruits and spices, using Basis as the base beer. Iridescent is a refreshing blonde sour ale, with aromas of apricot and ginger that are followed by tart and tropical flavors after aging in […]


PAWPAW Sours – BARREL-AGED FRUITED SOUR ALE One of our most sought-after beers, Pawpaw is a golden sour ale that was created by aging our base sour blonde ale, Basis, on fresh pawpaw fruit from Indiana. The Pawpaw, (also known as Asiminia triloba or the Indiana Banana) is the largest fruit bearing plant native to […]


BASIS Sours – BARREL-AGED SOUR BLONDE ALE Inspired by the traditional brewing methods of Belgium lambic brewing, BASIS is an American take on the classic beer style. White oak barrels from Oliver Winery were acquired in 2006, which led to the initial beer development, as oak barrels are the classic aging vessels for the style. […]