Themed Trivia
Sundays: Upland Brew Pub
7:30pm, all ages
Lord of the Rings Trilogy of Trivia: March 1
(To guarantee a table for your team, RSVP to [email protected]
How it works:
Each game has six categories of 5 questions each. Players are read all 5 questions twice, and then have 2 minutes to write down their answers and turn them in.
The 2 bonus categories consist of questions that have at least ten correct answers. Teams have 2 minutes to write down as many of the ten correct answers as possible, gaining one bonus point for each correct answer.
Answers and team standing are read half way through.
The top two (or three, for themed trivia) teams receive gift cards to be used at any Upland location. Always free to play!
Category Types:
Mixed topic multiple choice
Themed categories
Mixed topic fill in the blank
Ten things blitz bonus
*Themed trivia events may have different styles of bonus categories
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