We landed in Portland, ME this week! Partnering with Nappi Distributors out of Gorham, who have been providing beer and wine to the area since 1933, the initial wood-aged sours selected for Portland are Hopsynth, Iridescent, and Luminary. Each will be available on draught at select restaurants and bars and Hopsynth and Iridescent will be available in 500 ml bottles.


“Portland’s craft beer scene has been on fire over the past few years, thanks in part to some of the country’s finest craft breweries in the area, as well as Nappi Distributors providing the largest selection of beer and wine in New England. Portland is small, but mighty, and we are excited to be here,” said Dusty Howe, Upland’s Sours Brand Manager.


Hopsynth is a blend of blonde sour ale, Basis, with the freshest experimental hops available at the time—Citra and El Dorado—for this latest batch. This is a lighter, hoppier sour ale with huge wafts of piney and citrusy hop aromas. Iridescent is a unique combination of apricot and ginger in a sour beer that is sure to catch the attention of new and experienced sour beer drinkers. Luminary is a melding of Basis, fruited with pineapple, persimmon, and peach, and then dry hopped with Galaxy hops before packaging to give off delectable hop aromas complementing the fruity flavors.


Launch events begin this week starting at Great Lost Bear with all three Upland sours on draught. On June 6, fans can find us at Nosh and the Bier Cellar. We conclude on June 7 at Novare Res with a tapping of the wood-aged sours and craft beer fans in the area are encouraged to attend and chat with our sour ale guys, Dusty and Fred, who will be on site.


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