Two of our favorite ferments, together in one bottle.


About the Beer

For Komplex, our brewers went wild with experimentation. After trying many different sour fruit blends & kombucha blends, they landed on a blend of Basis—our Lambic-style base beer—aged for three months on whole raspberries, and then blended with kombucha made from oolong tea. The result? A low-ABV raspberry punch to the palate that finishes clean & crisp. 


This beer has taken a looooong time getting ready for you, we blended 6-month-aged Basis & 12-month-aged Basis together before the 3-month-age on whole raspberries for a combined total of 1 year 9 months of age!!

How to enjoy it

At 3.1% ABV, you can sip this deep red beauty over brunch and still get all of your chores down in the afternoon. It pairs wonderfully with food without making you too full. The refreshing character & sweet-sour complexity make this a perfect companion to a long bike ride. Next time you load up on burgers, fries, pizza & tacos, grab a bottle. Your gut deserves the help 🙂


We only made 15 cases of this experimentation turned Upland favorite so grab your bottle soon before we’re all out

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