One of our main goals of our road trip to the South, was to further explore the potential for a mayhaw sour ale. In between our collaborations with Yazoo Brewing in Nashville and Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport, local mayhaw expert Paul McLaughlin in El Dorado, Arkansas was kind enough share some of his expertise with us.

mayhaw sour ale

mayhaw sour ale
Paul sent us this photo when the orchard was in full bloom.

Paul walked us through his orchard and told us about the many mayhaw varieties available. His current crop wasn’t available to taste but he had an assortment of mayhaw jellies and wine he let us peruse and sample so we could get an idea about the different flavors and how mayhaw would work in a sour ale.


upland mayhaw

It turns out mayhaws make a delicious beer.

mayhaw sour ale

Mayhaw Sour Ale is currently available to Secret Barrel Society members. Want access to our experimental brews? Join the Secret Barrel Society! 2016 membership to the Secret Barrel Society is now open. More info at
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