Summer Secret Barrel Society Release

The summer installment of our 2019 Secret Barrel Society releases include the return of Black Raspberry and Trio as well as the debut of Brewer’s Reserve Flayrah! SBS members get first dibs…

Secret Barrel Society Exclusive: Mayhaw

One of our main goals of our road trip to the South, was to further explore the potential for a mayhaw sour ale. In between our collaborations with Yazoo Brewing in Nashville and Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport, local mayhaw expert Paul McLaughlin in El Dorado, Arkansas was kind enough share some of his expertise with us. Paul […]

Secret Barrel Society Memberships Open

In appreciation of their appreciation, the Secret Barrel Society was created to support our most avid sour beer followers by hosting special beer centric experiences. Previous SBS members helped our small sour program grow and enabled us to experiment and release new sour beer blends and varieties not otherwise possible without their support.   With the expansion of […]